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Clothing Information Page

Click on links below for more information
List of Clothing Patterns

 Dress for Success
   Guidelines for proper attire

  Neck Cooler Idea

  Possible bag making idea

 Simple patterns for clothing

  How to make a bonnet

  How to make a bonnet video

  What is a chemise? A chemise (pronounced shem-eezí) is your first layer of underclothing. It is wide-necked, short sleeved, and hemmed between your upper calf and knee.

Hints for clothing ideas:

  • Please try to use clothing you already have
  • Cut off collars, use old pants, cut off scrubs and add wide lace for bloomers, etc.
  • Check with your friends who have been on trek.
  • Check out yard sales and thrift stores.
  • Ask your grandma if she has some fabric she won't be needing.
  • Announce in your wards that you need these things. (fabric, old shirts and pants, scrubs, lace)

West Point Stake Trek - 2012

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