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 The Following forms are required. Please select the links below for each form, fill out the required
  information and electronically submit each form.

Parental or Guardian Permission and Medical Release -LDS Form 33810. (This form needs to be downloaded, printed, filled out and turned in to your Ward YM or YW leader. This PDF form is computer fillable once opened.)

 Trek Medical Form*

 Trek Photo/Video/Media Consent Form*

 Participant Information Sheet*(used by Ma's and Pa's)

*Required forms

Miscellaneous other forms: Coming soon...

President Hinckley said, "We must never forget those who have gone before. We must never take lightly the price they paid. We must never lose sight of the reason for which they did it all."
(Days of '47 Pioneer Luncheon.)

West Point Stake Trek - 2016

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