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May 24 th Food Training


Opening Prayer:

Trek Theme: D&C 25:2 A revelation I give unto you concerning my will; and if thou art faithful and walk in the paths of virtue before me, I will preserve thy life, and thou shalt receive an inheritance in Zion.


  • June 13 th Outdoor Trek Activities (all wards)
      • Kids and leaders will meet at the stake center at 7:00 PM
      • They will then walk to the east park for games etc.
      • We need aunts and uncle pairings to bring 1 watermelon
  • June 14 th Food Training
      • Same place and time
      • Food Storage and Clean Up
      • Equipment Review
  • June 16 th Additional Food Training for those who need help or review
      • 8:00 AM Follett’s House
      • Question and answer
      • Cooking demonstrations
      • Etc.
  • June 27 th Family Night – Pre Trek
      • Everyone will bring all their supplies for trek
      • Aunt and Uncles will bring everything but perishable food (food to go in coolers)


  • We have had two Ma’s and Pa’s unable to attend trek.
    • Family sizes will increase by one or two kids
  • Note the new pairings and assignments.
    • Todd Laker still paired with Brock Thronley for equipment supplies
      • Todd you will be helping to cook in the pantry for leaders and staff.
      • You will still need to purchase the food items as well to be used in the pantry.
    • Brock Thronley your new Ma and Pa would be Dru and Tracie Thronley
      • Everything else is the same
    • Doug Crockett still paired with Gordon Marble for equipment supplies
      • Doug your new Ma and Pa are Denis and Phillis Godwin of the 11 th ward
    • Brian and Sarah Dee you are combined to work with David and Tamara Jensen
      • Together you will only need to bring equipment for that family
      • One of you will help work in the pantry or float to help where needed
    • All other pairings will remain the same as of now


  • Up dated shopping list with prices and quantities


Friday breakfast served at 6:00 AM (prep-time 30-45 min.)

Saturday breakfast served at 5:30 AM (prep-time 30-45 min.)

Sunday breakfast served at 6:00 AM (prep-time 30-45 min.)

  • Know how much water your pot holds before you go to trek
    • This will make measuring and serving portion easier
  • One partner cooks the oatmeal / one cooks the cream of wheat
    • Two families will share the breakfast cereals
  • Get water boiling in pot and kettle ASAP
    • Bring water to a boil
    • Add salt for flavoring
    • Lower heat to simmer
    • Mix in oatmeal or cream of wheat according to directions
      • Make sure you keep stirring or you will get lumps
      • Watch your heat – turn it off if needed
  • Eggs should have been hard boiled at home
    • There are extra eggs in each family for those with gluten and glucose issues
    • Those members of the family who have these issues should be given extra egg(s)
      • After that, extra food is up for grabs
        • This goes for cereal as well
  • Have fruit, butter, brown sugar, and milk available for breakfast
    • One gallon of milk per family per day
      • Extra milk should be given to those that have glucose or gluten issues
      • Lactose intolerant kids will just have water/hot chocolate/Gatorade
      • If you don’t use it all the milk at breakfast you can have it out for dinner
  • The kettle water is used for hot chocolate
    • Mix hot chocolate in individual cups
  • Any left-overs from previous night’s meal can be reheated and eaten at breakfast too
  • Eat food with family at the fire pit


LUNCH PREPARATION (prep-time 10min.)

  • Keep one lunch food supply in a separate box for Thursday morning packing
    • Kids will need to pack their food Thursday morning before loading the bus
    • You will need to have one day’s worth of food ready for them that morning to pack
  • All families members will be eating their lunch on the trail
  • Make sure hand cart water jugs are full
    • One with water
    • One with Gatorade
  • Lunch food items will need to be out for families members to pack right after breakfast clean-up
    • Lunches will be carried in their individual food bandanas
      • Roll with butter
      • Sting cheese
      • Jerky
      • Fruit (whole)
      • Cookies
        • There will be one ginger snap and one oatmeal per kid
    • Because the granola and dried fruit will spill out of bandanas these will be keep in the cart’s 5 gallon supply bucket
      • Also in the supply bucket
        • Jam, Honey, Extra fruit, jerky, cookies (emergency only)

DINNER PREPARATION (prep-time 120min.)

Thursday Dinner – Chicken, Rice, Gravy, Veggies, Corn Bread, Cobbler (dinner served at 6:00 PM)

  • Chicken
    • Chicken should be pre-cut, seasoned, cooked, and frozen prior to trek
      • Cut chicken into inch cubes
      • Put in a zip lock bag
      • Add 1/8 cup olive oil (can use vegetable oil if needed)
      • Add 1/8 cup balsamic or malt vinegar
      • Add poultry seasoning
      • Seal, shake and freeze bag
        • When freezing lay bag as flat as possible
          • Easier to pack and thaw
    • At camp get out chicken to start thawing around 3 PM
    • Add chicken and all the seasoning to bottom of dutch oven
      • If still frozen - place zip lock bag into hot water until mostly thawed
    • Add rice and water (see package measurements) on top of chicken
    • Put coals on bottom and top of dutch oven – let cook for about 45 to 1 hour
  • Veggies
    • Cook veggies on the stove top
      • Add plenty of water and veggies in pot
      • Bring to boil (takes about 15 – 20 minutes)
    • Drain water – add some butter and salt for seasoning
  • Corn Bread
    • Start with about 45 minutes until dinner
    • See last training notes on how to cook
  • Gravy
    • Start about 10 minutes before dinner
    • One partner will cook the chicken gravy and other country gravy
    • Both families will share the gravies
  • Cobbler
    • Start after dinner and before buckskinners ball
    • Serve after buckskinners ball
    • See last training notes on how to cook

Friday Dinner – Roast, Potatoes, Carrots, Brown Gravy, Biscuits, Brownie (dinner served at 6:00 PM)

  • Roast


    • At home marinate in zip lock refrigerator for 24 hours roast in:
      • Olive oil
      • Salt and pepper or a beef rub
      • Freeze
    • At camp get roast out about 12:00 to start to thaw
      • If still frozen - place zip lock bag into hot water until mostly thawed
    • At about 1:00 sear the outside edges on the stove in the dutch oven
    • Add water and carrots to dutch oven
    • Place lid on – add briquettes to top and bottom
    • Cooking time is between 2-5 hours (watch your heat)
  • Potatoes
    • At home scrub the potatoes and let dry
    • At camp cut into 1 inch cubes
      • Leave skins on
    • Add potatoes when there is about 1 hour to service time
      • Potatoes cook quickly
  • Biscuits
    • Start when there is 45 min. to dinner time
    • See last training notes on how to cook
  • Gravy
    • Start about 10 minutes before dinner
  • Brownies
    • After Eprhraim Hanks presentation start brownies (7PMish)
    • See last training note on how to cook

Saturday Dinner – Pizza, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Soda, Veggies

  • Food will be taken care of by those not on the trek
  • Need your help getting food served



Wednesday Departure

  • We will need 6 men to head up earlier on Wednesday to help set up pantry and camp sights etc.
    • This is will require some heavy lifting
    • Those heading up early will need to get their families lunch supplies to someone leaving on Thursday morning
    • We will be leaving between 10 and 12 and arriving by 4 and 6 PM
    • We will stop for lunch/dinner on the road
    • We will camp that night at the site
    • Breakfast on Thursday will be provided by Russ, Sarah, and Rodney
    • We will need to be fresh to help those coming in Thursday at 1:00
    • This group will also stay behind on Saturday to pack up canvas – they will not go to Rock Creek Hallow

Thursday Departure

  • Need to be at the stake center by 4:30 AM
  • Breakfast will be taken care of by others not going on trek
  • Need to make sure food and supplies are loaded into your families truck
  • Hit the road before buses head out if possible
  • This group will need to get to dinner spot and help get things set up for buses coming later
    • Time and destination to be determined



West Point Stake Trek - 2012

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