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   Ma/Pa Check off list for Trek

  • Spiritual, e.g.
    • Read B of M
    • Attend Temple in June
    • Family in Willie/Martin companies?
  • Physical, e.g.
    • Drink lots of water especially 2-3 weeks before
    • Walk 45 min. 3-4 times a week
    • Walk 60 min. in the heat once before we go

   Ma/Pa packing list, e.g.

    • Tents by June 3
    • Babies
    • First Aid Kit
  • Plan Family activities/devotionals for trek
  • Review Trek website MA/PA information for trek
  • Adult Packing List, Buckets
  • June 13 Stake Activity (Ma/Pa song), 6:30
  • June 21, Ma/Pa Training, 7:00, Last one! You need to be there!
  • Deliver tents (more on that later)
  • June 27, FHE, 6:30, Bring 2 scales, get to know you activities
  • June 28, TREK, be there at 4:30 and be ready for your families arrival.

West Point Stake Trek - 2012

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